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6. Sınıf 6. Ünite Testi

6. Ünite 6. Sınıf Testi

Doğru şıkkı işaretleyiniz.

1.What ______ the weather like today?
A) does
B) do
C) are
D) is
2.Where ______ you want to go for holiday?
A) does
B) is
C) do
D) are
3.It ______ sunny in summer.
A) are
B) does
C) is
D) do
4.______ do you wear in summer?
A) Who
B) Where
C) What
D) Whose
5.The sun ______ shines in summer.
A) never
B) rarely
C) always
D) seldom
6.______ does it snow in Turkey?
A) Who
B) Whose
C) What
D) When
7.What ______ you do in summer?
A) does
B) can
C) are
D) is
8.______ it windy today?
A) Does
B) Do
C) Are
D) Is
9.The weather is sunny ______ hot today.
A) but
B) by
C) from
D) and
10.It ______ rains in spring.
A) usual
B) always
C) general
D) about

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