6. Sınıf 3. Ünite Testi

6. Sınıf 3. Ünite Sınavı

Doğru şıkkı işaretleyiniz.

1. I need a ______ of carrots.
A) litre
B) glass
C) kilo
D) bar
2. There ______ a glass of milk.
A) are
B) is
C) and
D) an
3. How ______ olive oil do you need?
A) many
B) long
C) tall
D) much
4. ______ some sugar to the mixture.
A) Adding
B) Add
C) Adds
D) Addings
5. Would you like to ______ some chocolate?
A) eats
B) eating
C) ate
D) eat
6. Susan ______ very thirsty.
A) does
B) are
C) is
D) don't
7. ______ there any milk in the fridge?
A) Is
B) Are
C) Does
D) Do
8. Sam ______ some milk for the cake.
A) need
B) is need
C) needs
D) needing
9. How ______ tomatoes do you want to buy?
A) many
B) much
C) old
D) litre
10. There are onions ______ the table.
A) in
B) between
C) on
D) along

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